Hello. We are a professional company that believes above all else that profitability is a by-product of great service.

With perhaps a pinch of humility, we are a substantive team of risk specialists, loss reducers, continuity analysts and financial engineers. We have many years of experience and at Board level have run some of the world’s biggest companies, started up a number of very successful risk reduction companies and have served at the highest level in the insurance industry.

Above all we believe we are a company that you would like to do business with, proven by the fact that we still have working (and friendly) relationships with Clients that span over 10 years.

We enjoy delivering a range of risk mitigation and loss reduction services for companies around the world. We predominantly provide truly affordable and viable disaster recovery services for SMEs in a way that is unparalleled.  We only sell through trusted partners many of which are house-hold name insurers. You may even come across our BusinessAssist™ services via partners of ours that work in the Professional and IT Services sectors.

We first entered this market in late 1999 (we are so last century!). We have offices in the UK servicing western Europe and in South Africa, servicing sub-saharan Africa. We are quite proud of what we have achieved:

  • The first company to provide a truly international industry portal on business continuity and risk management. Within just 3 months of launching the site we had over 40,000 members from over 20 countries;
  • The first company to sell mobile disaster recovery services to Clients in Africa;
  • The first company to sell a truly affordable and viable disaster recovery service to the small and medium enterprise sector;
  • The first company to sell risk mitigation and loss reduction services into the insurance industry such that those services were then embedded into standard business risk insurance policies;
  • The first company to scientifically measure concentration risk across its client base and to syndicate our services to the benefit of our Clients;
  • The first and still the only disaster recovery company to have over 100 million square feet of office recovery space, globally.

"If you can keep your head when all
about you people are losing theirs..."

Rudyard Kipling