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The Compelling Argument

BusinessAssist™ can reduce BI claims by as much as 70%.

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Research has shown that Companies who suffer a major disaster (and do no not have a viable recovery plan) can be in recovery-mode for weeks. The increased costs of working, coupled with loss of profits leads to substantial business interruption insurance claims.

It is the intention of business interruption insurance to restore the business to the same financial position as if the loss had not incurred. Therefore, rapid recovery is crucial if the claim is to be minimised and the closure of an SME prevented.  Business Interruptions claims are substantially reduced if a company has a viable business continuity and disaster recovery plan.

We can statistically show that BusinessAssist™ reduces the recovery time by orders of magnitude (varied only by the nature of a disaster).

BusinessAssist™ saves on average 8 days recovery time per major disaster

Days lost after a disaster (i.e. one that involves a denial of access) vary according to disaster type however, according to industry research, the average recovery time is 9.4 days with the shortest being one day and the longest (with the measurement capped) 30 days.

With Global Continuity’s BusinessAssist™ service it takes just one business day to recover the core operational functions of a Company.

"Real valor consists not in being insensible to danger;
but in being prompt to confront and disarm it."

Sir Walter Scott